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I WON!!!
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Thank you so much for helping out, guys!!! <3

Help me win a contest? It'll only take you 5 mins!
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Hey guys!

I'm currently the runner up in a contest where the video with the most views win. And there can only be one winner!

Please, please could you watch this video? And then show it to your friends, too? Winning this contest would mean a lot to me, it really, really would. <3


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Hey guys! I could really, really use your help! :)

This video is my entry in a contest that has a decent lump of money for a prize. Money I could really, really use right about now. (I will probably buy Rabbit's goggles with it >_>)

The entry with the most views by May 1st wins, and a couple of the entries already have 250 views. So I really need some help from all my friends!

If you could watch this, spread it around, and maybe have it running on repeat in another tab (muted when you get fed up with the song :P) while you go about your daily business (using this, for example), that would be really, really awesome. ♥

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Dom: :P
So, uh, apparently my last post was in December?


I still check my friends list on a semi-daily basis, but uh, livejournal seems to be kind of dead.

I'm doing all my posting on tumblr these days!

In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit...
LotR: laugh

Ten minutes before it all broke loose. I was also wearing my pointy ears. Only way to do it.

So The Hobbit was pretty much perfect.

I have one or two little nitpicks, but they’re outweighed tenfold with things of sheer perfection, so I will happily let them slide.

The intro was gorgeous (I think I spotted Peter Jackson’s cameo! Possibly!), the tie-in scenes with Fellowship of the Ring were flawless, and Riddles in the Dark was perfect.

I wish I could afford to go see it again!

Also, I gotta say… I’ve never been a fan of regular 3D, I’ve always found it to be a bit blurry and vaguely headache-inducing, but this new 48 fps HD 3D stuff? GORGEOUS. Loved it.

I will not say 'do not weep', for not all tears are an evil.
LotR: Shieldmaiden
The Lord of the Rings marathon at the cinema Imperial today with nerak_rose. Got home about an hour ago. The Hobbit tomorrow (omg omg omg).

You know you're in a cinema full of geeks, when the whole theatre laughs when Legolas says "They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard!" - one even went "woohoo!" xD

The audience applauded when Legolas took down the Mûmakil, and at the coronation.

I cried at "you bow to no-one" and at the Grey Havens.

All's well that ends well.

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This block of uni is sucking out my will to live, can we please just fast-forward to February please so it can be over and done with.

Although let's please pause at the LotR marathon and Hobbit midnight premiere, and the christmas/new year's break.


Sit by the firelight's glow, tell us an old tale we know
Kam: books &lt;3

Herpderp ballpoint pen mockup.

I… I’m kind of getting really attached to the idea of getting this as a tattoo while I’m at the shop getting my bicep inked anyway.

Yes/no/maybe so?

Also, nerak_rose and I are going to the local cinema's The Lord of the Rings marathon on Monday, and then we've also got tickets to the Hobbit midnight premiere at the same cinema on Tuesday! I'm so excited I can barely contain myself.

I need to go out and buy some liquid latex, because I am determined to wear my elf/hobbit ears to both of these things. 8D

Speaking of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, my book collection has recently expanded:

My current three copies of The Hobbit: The graphic novel, in Danish, hardcover edition; English illustrated (by Alan Lee) hardcover edition; and English paperback edition, which I recently bought because I wanted a paperback edition that I can easily carry around with me for re-reads.

My current four copies of The Lord of the Rings: English illustrated (by Alan Lee) hardcover edition; Norwegian hardcover edition; 1968 first edition, second printing paperback edition; and 50th anniversary paperback edition, which I bought at the same time as the Hobbit paperback, for the same reason - I wanted a paperback edition that I can easily carry around with me for re-reads.

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Lost my job. Again. The same job. Goddamnit. I deserve a medal or something.

Merry frickin' christmas to me.

50 things
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50 random things I've done/accomplished in my life so far.
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